Dr. Pradeep Chowbey


Dr. Pradeep Chowbey

City: New Delhi

Experience: 45+ Years of Experience

Speciality: Bariatric Surgeon




About Doctor

One of the most notable and experienced laparoscopic specialists in India, Dr. Pradeep Chowbey is the name to trust.

Because of the way that he has been rehearsing bariatric medical procedure for more than 35 years and then some, he is viewed as one of the main few specialists on the planet.

Dr. Chowbey accepted his MBBS and MS (General A medical procedure) degrees from the exceptionally respected Government Clinical School in Jabalpur, which is situated in the province of MP. Dr. Pradeep Chowbey has had the pleasure of working on probably the most notable individuals on the planet, including His Blessedness the Dalai Lama, Dr. KR Narayanan (Leader of India), Mr. Devisingh Sekhawat, Mr. Rakesh Mehta IAS, and Dr. Akhilesh Das Gupta. Other outstanding patients incorporate Mr. Devisingh Sekhawat, Mr. Rakesh Mehta I

Dr. Chowbey was one of a handful of the specialists in India who had the option to recognize and concede the developing occurrence of heftiness there.

Right up ’til now, he has been answerable for in excess of 70,000 surgeries.

Dr. Chowbey has managed and effectively took part in excess of 500 studios and significant gatherings on a public and overall scale, probably the most prominent of which are world congresses, gatherings on the Asia Pacific district, and gatherings of SAARC countries.

He was approached to give a few discourses, feature talks, and visitor addresses subsequent to being mentioned to do as such by various significant associations and establishments both inside the country and beyond it.

In his job as Lead representative for the General public of Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Specialists of India, he has recently addressed India (ELSA).

His Excellency the Legislative leader of the Territory of Madhya Pradesh and the Bad habit chancellor of the College of Jabalpur have presented the title of Specialist of Science (Honoris Causa Doctorate) onto Dr. Chowbey.

He fills in as a Guide to different government elements and colleges, and his obligations remember the arrangement of information and offices for the field of restricted admittance medical procedure, as well as the securing of clinical hardware for medical clinics and other clinical establishments.

For having finished the most negligibly obtrusive methodology in a specific time span, Dr. Chowbey is perceived in both the Guinness Book of World Records (1997) and the Limca Book of World Records (2000-2010).

Medical Qualification

  • MBBS, 1973, Govt. Medical College, Jabalpur (MP)
  • MS, 1977, Govt. Medical College, Jabalpur (MP)
  • MNAMS, 1979, National Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi (India)
  • FMAS
  • FALS
  • FACS
  • FICS
  • FAIS
  • FRCS (London)


  • More than 45 years of surgical experience
  • Director, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, New Delhi

Clinical Expertise

  • Abdominoperineal Resection
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • Gastric Band Surgery
  • Gastric Balloon Treatment
  • Weight Loss Surgery
  • Decortication and Empyema Drainage
  • Advanced Laparoscopic & Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Revision Bariatric Surgery
  • Biliopancreatic Diversion
  • Gastric Ballooning
  • Gastric Plication
  • Revision Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass
  • Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Abscess – Intra Abdominal Treatment
  • Abscess – Subphrenic Treatment
  • Abscess Pelvic Treatment
  • Anorectal surgery (Division Minimally Invasive Proctology)
  • Anti Aging and Weight Loss Stem Cells Therapy
  • Bariatric (Obesity) Surgery (Surgery for Morbid Obesity Surgery)
  • Cholecystectomy – Gall Bladder Removal
  • Duodenal Switch
  • Endoscopic Neck Surgery
  • Epididymal Cyst Removal
  • Gastric Banding Surgery
  • Gastric Bypass Surgery
  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery
  • Gastroplasty
  • Haemorrhoids Treatment
  • Hand-assisted Endoscopic Surgery
  • Hepatobiliary Surgery
  • Hernia Surgery
  • Hydrocele Operation – Adult
  • Laparoscopic Appendicectomy and Bowel resection
  • laparoscopic biliopancreatic diversion
  • Laparoscopic Solid Organ Surgery
  • Piles/Hemorrhoids Surgery
  • Pilonidal Sinus
  • Spleen Removal – Splenectomy
  • Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy (Piles)
  • Thoracoscopic Surgery (Decortications, Lung-nodule excision, Thymectomy),
  • Upper GI Endoscopic Surgery

Career Highlights

  • Dr. Pradeep Chowbey was one of the first laparoscopic surgeons to practice in India, placing him in an exclusive group of Indian medical professionals. One of the first people in North India to perform laparoscopic cholecystectomy, he has charted his career with the singular determination to develop, evaluate, and propagate minimal access metabolic and bariatric surgery in India. He was one of the first to perform laparoscopic cholecystectomy in North India. Laparoscopic surgery, which he pioneered with his hands, constituted a turning point in the annals of India’s medical history.
  • In 1996, Dr. Chowbey was the pioneer in the Asian subcontinent when he developed the Minimal Access and Bariatric Surgery Centre at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi. This center was the first of its type in the region. His Institute at Max Healthcare was the First Center to earn the Center of excellence accreditations in India for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery, Hernia surgery by Surgical Review Corporation, which is located in the United States (2011-2014). Additionally, the institution is recognized and recognised as a Global Centre of Excellence in the area of Endosurgery by both national and international organizations.

Research and Fellowships

  • Dr. Pradeep Chowbey has extensively researched and written on topics covering the vast field of Bariatric, Minimal Access Surgery and general surgery.
  • He has also edited several renowned medical books and journal.

Awards and Recognition

  • Indian Association of Gastrointestinal Endo-Surgeons (IAGES)
  • Indian Society of Oncology (ISO)
  • Association of Surgeons of India (ASI)
  • Indian Society of Gastroenterology
  • Padmashree awarded – 2002
  • Lifetime Achievement award by Human Care Charitable Trust – 2014
  • IMAAN INDIA SAMMAN award – 2014
  • Legend during the Lifetime Award by Balkan Ji Bari International – 2013
  • Chairman’s Award by Max Healthcare – 2012



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