Gynecology & Obstetrics



Gynecology is the clinical field which is worried about the review, analysis, counteraction and treatment of illnesses connected with the female regenerative organs. This incorporates organs like the uterus, vagina, ovaries, fallopian tube and so on.

A clinical expert who rehearses Gynecology is known as a Gynecologist.

Common Gynaecological Conditions:

Feminine Problems: Sporadic, conflicting and agonizing monthly cycles are ordinarily analyzed in ladies. This can prompt hormonal lopsidedness, serious state of mind vacillations, deterrent in the development of young adult young ladies and even difficulties in considering and pregnancy.

Ovarian Pimples: Blisters topped off with semi-fluid like liquids can frame close by the ovaries. Typically, growths are side effect free and disappear with fundamental prescription. However, now and again, medical procedure may be required.

Polycystic Ovarian Condition (PCOS): PCOS is analyzed in 1 in each 10 ladies. It is a hormonal problem and is generally tracked down in females of conceptive age. PCOS can cause a few issues like extreme weight gain, facial skin break out, hair fall, unpredictable periods and trouble in considering.

Cervical Dysplasia: Cervical Dysplasia is the development and arrangement of unusual cells in the tight neck of the uterus i.e., the cervix. In the event that not treated on time, Cervical Dysplasia and lead to Cervical Malignant growth.

Barrenness: When a female can’t consider normally, Gynecologists analyze the potential issues. The finding is then trailed by meds and medicines. Much of the time, after a concise course of drug, a lady can imagine. Be that as it may, in a few unique cases, they could have to settle on additional logical strategies like IVF, IUI, Surrogacy and so forth. In yet different cases, the lady may be fruitless for eternity.


Obstetrics is a sub-recorded of Gynecology. It is accomplished in the treatment and care of females during pregnancy, labor and the post pregnancy time frame.

Obstetricians are specialists who have represented considerable authority in giving treatment and care to ladies during and after pregnancy. They are additionally able to convey children.

Stages in Obstetrics:

Pregnancy: Pregnancy is the period wherein an embryo (unborn child) creates and develops inside a lady’s uterus. A typical pregnancy goes on for around 9 months. Pregnancy achieves a few physical, close to home and mental changes in the body of a lady. Obstetricians take care of these issues and give pertinent drugs and treatment.

Labor: Labor can happen in more than one way. There are ordinary conveyances through the vagina, C-Segments, Vaginal Birth after C-Area and so on. Obstetricians are able to perform and aid all types of labor.

Post pregnancy: The span after labor is known as post pregnancy. Since the mother gets exceptionally powerless and tired after labor, Obstetricians give meds and care.